Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday March 15 - Iranian people continue to protest as part of " protest on Tuesdays"....

Here are news that are coming from streets in Tehran ,Iran......


Regime agents and anti riot- guards are stoping people who uses motorcycle.

An eye witness says ; he saw militia and plain cloth agents packed in one school yard and when they saw him closed the gate.Thats why regime ordered closure of all schools two hours earlier.

More People are joining the protest in Ferdousi Square and they are marching towards Freedom Square....

A few hours ago , few motorcycle riders made fire to a police cruiser in Salsabil Street.People are chanting "death to dictator".
People in the city of Rasht ,North of Iran have gathered in and around Motahari and Golsar street while celebrating are also chanting anti dictatorship slogans.
Persian people celebrate every last Tuesday night of Persian Calendar ( night before Wednesday) as part of their coming of New Year. March 20 ( the first day of spring ) is the Persian New Year.Persian ( Iranian ) celebrate this for more than 2500 years .
But this year celebration is different with all these protest and undeclared martial law...

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