Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mohammad sadegh Larijani's enmity with Bahai's in Iran and Islamic Republic justice system !?

Reports indicate that Islamic Republic security agents have shifted their attack on Bahai's from city's to villages in the country side and have arrested 15 Bahai's.Regime agents have targeted a village known as "Kata" in the region of Yasooj and arrested Sina Ravankard a 25 year old man and Hajir the son of Amir .Regime transfered these people to Yasooj and Shiraz prison.

Mohammad Sadegh Larijani is the head of Judiciary power in the Islamic Republic. He runs the show . justice system and all judges and court work under his suppervision.

I really like to ask him , what is his belief or position towards Bahai's ?I mean not the Bahai's in Iran ,but generally Bahai's all over the world?

I want to ask him , why and on what charges the seven leaders of Bahai's are still in the jail?!!

Why so much animosity or hostility against Bahai families ? And their childeren? why can't they live peacefully beside their Iranian brother and sisters with other faiths as an Iranian citizen.

History will judge you with your conducts and responsibility as the top executive in the justice system of the Islamic Republic.


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