Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lets stand up in defence of Political prisoners and artists !

Arise in defense of Iranian political prisoners!

The Iranian people must stand up in defense of Artists and political prisoners.We must push the regime back and defend the political prisoners. We must stop this regime arresting the Iranian artists. Lets stand up and rise all over Iran in defense of political prisoners!Lets push back this despotic regime of the Islamic Republic. Enough is enough.Lets not let this regime to play game with us the people of Iran.

Report from Iran:

Naser Taghvaei the husband of Marzieh Vafa and director of the film said : My wife has been arrested 20 days ago and her charges are because of playing a role in the film titled as " My Tehran ,on Sale".

Mr. Taghvaei ,film director said; his wife is in "Gharechak" prison in the city of Varamin. He added: The film had received legal ground or permission from the Ministry of "Ershad " .


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