Sunday, March 02, 2014

Ali Janati -Minister of the Islamic Guidance: Facebook Filtering will be lifted ......

Ali Janati speaking with ISNA news agency said: There are 700 million Facebook users in the world and in Iran we have 4 million Facebook users , On the pretext of Islam we can't prevent the growth of the country , I, together with other scholars in the country believe that, we can't make wall around the  people and claim that we do not have any relation with the rest of the world, if we go back to the early  revolution many things we did was funny, like not letting people to use video or fax machines, there are no opinion in the Government to filter the social networking, we have met with working group on criminality of the act , six minister are members of that working group , we told them we can't make wall around us. We should take advantage from this and of course it need time .....

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