Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Ebrahim Asgharzadeh member of the first Tehran City Council : The Social Movement in Iran may Hide for a while but Won't Die !

Mr. Ebrahim Asgharzadeh was  a member of the first Tehran City Council ,he is a political reformist , in an interview with Ghanoon Newspaper Mr. Asgharzadeh said:
"President Rohani must respect with people's demand during his election campaign , people who have voted for him were asking  him to keep his promises and remove the house arrest on Mr. Musavi, His wife Rahnavard and Mr. Karoubi. President Rohani must pay attention to the social movement which brought him to power ,without their support president Rohani can't develop his thoughts and his social bases. "
Mr. Asgharzadeh believes that, more than being a president Mr, Rohani is the representative of a social movement. President Rohani must help this social movement ,organize the movement by reformists to make it strong, by organizing this social movement president Rohani can resist against fundamentalists .this movement is a reformist movement , president Rohani shouldn't waste the time. This movement may hide but won't die.

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