Monday, March 03, 2014

Mohseni Ejeie ,Spoksperson for the Judiciary Power in Iran: If the Association of Journalists Act politically it will remain closed !

Mr. Mohseni Ejeie in a press conference today reported by ISNA told to reporters :
"If the Association of Journalists in Iran keep its activities like before ,it's door will remain closed ,but if they stop their political activities ,their association door will be opened ....."

IRAN WATCH CANADA: What they mean of stoping the political activities is that, the Association members ,the journalists must not criticize the regime ,they must stop their criticism against the regime , against the officials, they must stop critical investigations and reporting the real statistics or more....

Regimes understandings of "criminal act" is the main issue ,regime must explain to the public what is a criminal act and what isn't?
Regime must explain to the public if a journalist by doing his /her work based on her/his mandate ,like telling the truth, can write his /her critical investigations or reporting or not in this Islamic regime? Otherwise nothing will be cleared and the situation will remain the same...

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