Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ahmad Janati The Head of Guardian Council of the Islamic Regime in Iran : Corruption & Bribes in Ministry of Justice Has Reached To Its Highest Level ....

Ahmad Janati is the head of Guardian Council , he is
also Friday Prayer Imam of Tehran and is known as the hard line fundamentalist Islamist and in the past was strong supporter of Ahmadinejad's Government ,for repression and against green movement and its leaders.
Ahmad Janati said: The Iranian Society situation is " very bad " and at present " disorder , lawlessness, and bribery " has reached to its highest level in Ministry of Justice and Governmental agencies. He also said ; usury has also reached to its highest in the country .
He also criticised the Government for making relation with US and blamed all these injustices and draught in the country is because of the " sins " by Government


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    By Blogger lee woo, At 12:30 AM  

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