Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Continued Insulting Behavior Of The Islamic Regime With Iranian People .......

36 years of Insulting behavior by the Islamic regime in Iran against Iranian people is bringing people more together to overcome the fear and fight back this regime.....

Yesterday morning Ms. Razmjouei a female doctor in Valey - Asr Hospital in the city of Mamasani of the Fars Province was physically assaulted by the city judge ( the judge slapped doctors face) who have visited the hospital for a wounded patient ( woman assaulted by husband and commit suicide), due to argument, the judge   slapped the female doctor and then handcuffed her and later detained her....due to this incident and illegal arrest the hospital staff ; doctors and nurses of the hospital walked out of the job in protest to this judges action and demanded for her release and the removal of the judge from the city bench and a written apology by the judge.

After this ......the female doctor was released from detention center and the case is under investigation by the ministry of health ......


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