Saturday, August 01, 2015

According to news : No Prayer Place (Masjid) For Sunni's Moslim in Tehran ........

On Last Tuesday Regime orchestrated and backed security forces in Iran destroyed a Sunni prayer mosque in the capital city of Tehran. The Ponak prayer Mosque in the past was locked by security forces but with the protest by Molavi Abdol-Hamid  a high ranking Sunni clergyman in Baluchestan province was reopened again. They have destroyed this only Sunni prayer mosque while the Sunni's have no mosque in Tehran to pray. Now two past MP's from Kurdistan joined the protest against this illegal action by Shiite majority Islamic regime in Iran. Regime security forces together with Tehran Municipality workers destroyed the Ponak prayer Mosque. This is while during this 37 years regime did not allow the Sunni's to build their Mosque. 

Iran Watch Canada:
Its the regime that orchestrates such actions and yet talks Sunni & Shiite to unite . Action speaks louder than words.....

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