Thursday, October 15, 2015

" The Association Of Iran Writers" in A Communiques Demanded Regime To Remove The Heavy Sentences Against Fatemeh Ekhtesari, Mehdi Musavi , Keyvan Karimi and Atena Farghdani …….

According to a report today, The Association Of Iran Writers in a communique demanded regime judiciary to drop the heavy sentences against all these young artists .

Regime judiciary- branch 28 of the court of revolution earlier have sentenced Fatemeh Ekhtesari , Mehdi Musavi and keyvan Karimi to the following sentences:

Fatemeh Ekhtesari   to 11.5 years imprisonment and 99 lashes.

Mehdi Musavi to 9 years imprisonment and 99 lashes.

Keyvan Karimi to 6 years imprisonment and 223 lashes.

Mehdi Musavi in his instagram wrote:
This sentencing is a dark stain in the human mind and freedom of Expression and according to the Association of Iran Writers the issue is a matter of Freedom of Expression. The Association believes that, these young artists in their art work expressed something and the judiciary interpreted it as an insult to their sacred belief and propaganda against the regime.
The Association of Iran Writers believes that, the artists must be able to fully Express their thoughts without exception and restrictions.
Charges such as shaking hands with men and kissing are bogus charges against people who think different from regime . Furthermore the association strongly protested against the judiciary taking the shameful virginity test from a political prisoner - on the case of Atena Farghdani.

The Association of Iran Writers at the end demanded strongly the sentencing against these young artists to be dropped immediately and without condition.


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