Monday, October 12, 2015

Mohammad Karami The Human Rights Activist Is Arrested After Publication of This Picture !!!???

The placard says: Mr. Khamenei, corruption , plundering the nations wealth and crimes of those people under you in Sepah and judiciary is dangerously high , was this the just society you had promised the nation?
According to a report Mohammad Karami the human rights activist is arrested last Tuesday by a sudden  assault on him near his house by security forces.
It has been said that, he is arrested because of holding this placard in a regular Monday gathering in front of Dena Tire Building a day prior to his arrest and the intention of gathering was/is for the freedom of political /human rights prisoners.
The security agents forcefully took the key to his house from his wife , and entered the house illegally , took his personal and family belongings and transferred him to an unknown location .


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