Tuesday, October 13, 2015

This Morning In Adel Abad Prison Finally The Islamic Regime in Iran Put Ms. Fatemeh Salbehi To Death !

According to a report by HRANA :

Fatemeh Salbehi the Iranian young women was hanged early morning today in Adel Abad prison.
Fatemeh Salbehi was only 16 when she married with a 30 years old man whom she haven't met at all. In 2009 she was charged for killing her husband . According to her lawyer ,after arrest under pressure first she admitted the crime but later in the court she rejected doing the crime.
Since she has been charged for the crime when she was below 18 years of age , her death sentence must have been dropped due to international conventions on juvenile crime.
But despite of all efforts and international cry by Amnesty International and other world human rights organizations , Islamic regime in Iran todays early morning hanged  Fatemeh Salbehi the young Iranian women in Adel Abad Prison.

In the world only four Countries including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia , Sudan and Iran are still putting juvenile to death.


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