Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Iranian Workers Protest In Front Of The Governors Office Building In Isfahan And Chanted : Leave Syria Alone and Think About Our Situation !!

According to news, hundreds of Currently working and Retired workers of Isfahan Foulad Company staged a protest day in front of the Isfahan Governors building on last Saturday and chanted :" Leave Syria alone and think about our situation" .

In the past year, there were hundreds of this kind of protest by Iranian workers for their rights or delayed in their salary sometimes for nine months in different part of Iran, but this is the first time the workers openly chanted : "leave alone the Syria and think about our situation".
Heshmatollah Tabarzadi the general secretary of the Iran Democratic Front called opposition and intellectuals not to keep silence and protest against regimes crime in Syria and Iraq .
Mohammad Nourizad a one time supporter of the regime also criticized regime for their involvement in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and……
Sadeq Zibakalam a reformist professor and columnist also wrote a letter to Zarif the foreign secretary to stop supporting Asad and defending the Yemani Houti's.
The workers protest in Iran is growing due to economic difficulties and huge corruption among officials .

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