Sunday, March 06, 2016

Islamic Regime In Iran Banned The March 8 Rally ( International Women's Day ) ???

Congratulation To All Women on The Coming Of March 8 , The International Women's Day !

Despite of Continues anti women policy of the Islamic regime , the Iranian women never stopped to hold March 8 rally in Iran.
According to news from Iran ,  " UNESCO program for peace , Human Rights and Democracy " which was planned for Today Sunday to discuss on the situation of women in Iranian society was cancelled by regime Judiciary and security forces. This program was supposed to take place in the college of law at Shahid Beheshti University.
In this planned program the following personalities were invited to speak:
Nahid Tavasoli ( women Issues researcher) , Amir Nik ( Law professor) , Shahnaz Sajadi ( Lawyer ) and Pardis Ameri ( reseacher and social activist) .

The ban on International Women Day , March 8 Rally has a long history under the regime of Shah and this regime . Islamic regime in some cases issues permit for the rally but when the Iranian women gather to hold the rally , the security forces including Sepah and Basij and police forces attend at the rally and enter into clashes with the women protesters, arrest or detains them and disperse the rest . One of such rally was held close to nine years ago at Daneshjou Park in Tehran on March 8 which was attended by late Iranian renowned poet Simin Behbehani were she was also hurt .

IRAN WATCH CANADA: On March 8 all the women around the world including in Iran wants to do by holding a rally to bring their issues ( Women Issues, short comings and success ) to the public , thats all they wanted to do . 


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