Friday, March 04, 2016

Raheleh Rahemipour Moghadam: You Have Killed My Brother Hossein Rahemipour Moghadam, What Have You Done With His Baby Daughter ?

According to Justice For Iran, Raheleh Rahemipour Moghadam the sister of Hossein Rahemipour Moghadam wrote a complaint letter to UN against Islamic regime in Iran demanding UN to help investigate / find her niece ( Golro Rahemipour Moghadam - Who at the time was born in Evin prison ) .

Hossein Rahemipour Moghadam was a dentist and a political activist, member of Rahe Karegar Organization, he was arrested together with his wife 32 years ago when the wife was pregnant , the wife gave birth in Evin prison 32 years ago on March , the baby daughter was 15 days old when the detained parents in prison asked prison authorities about their newly born babydaughter Golro Rahemipour Moghadam but were silenced , since then the question about the baby went no where  and the father was executed in prison and the mother was released due to heart problem. In recent years the baby's aunt Raheleh Rahemipour Moghadam was seen in many protest events holding a placard asking the authorities : You have killed my brother Hossein Rahemipour ,what have you done with their baby ?!!!???
The family members of Hossein Rahemipour Moghadam don't know even where he is buried when executed by regime in Evin prison 32 years ago.


This is just one out of thousands of disappeared political family members yet the Islamic regime must answer …...

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