Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Election And The Apartheid Of The Islamic Regime Towards Bahai's .......

None of the candidate speak about the systematic violation against the rights of Bahai's. Iranian Bahai's does not  enjoy the same rights as the rest of the Iranian citizens. Bahai leaders after many years are still in prison. Bahai's are being prosecuted just because of their faith. Violation of human rights when it comes to Bahai's are unbearable . It is in fact the Apartheid policy of moderate and fundamentalists, both candidates in the  Islamic regime towards the Bahai's. 

Both of the candidates ,the moderates and the fundamentalists are promising to work on economic policies and none of them talking on political development in Iran which our country need the most. Years after years the candidates and the government officials were talking on economic policy and none ( except a short period when Khatami was the president) on helping to develop the civil society in Iran. 
Because of this Apartheid policy , the Iranian Bahai's live in constant fear . Families don't know when their children go out will come back home safe. 

UN and the rest of the world must put the Islamic regime ( moderate no exception) under pressure for what the regime is doing on one of its minority faith citizens the Bahai's.

Iran Watch Canada have always monitored these violations and hoping this will stop immediately .


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