Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ayatollah Montazeri protested on destruction of Khavaran cemetery!
" Aparently the past regime didn't bother the deads, but unfortunately now, they do bother with the grave of the deads.Lets assume those who's grave was bothered were all etheist? Many of them were son of moslems and the moslem's grave must be respected,even non- believer shouldn't be insulted......., specially some of them had one year to finish their prison term, but they have made something and preparation and then execution.But they have left the world with moslem faith, they have left the world with the belief in Islam. I remember, there was a man by the name of Islami, he was the prosecutor in Shiraz , he brought a case file of a girle who was executed, he wrote to her father and mother , not to worry , dont stop reading the qoran and Nahjolbalaghe. We will deal with their grave .?"
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"Centre for Human Rights Defenders" in a statement also condemned the destruction of Khavaran cemetery by some of the agents, who apparently were trying to remove the evidence from the cemetery and were planning to change the cemetery to a park or green field. The Centre for Human Rights Defenders aknowledged that Khavaran is the burial site of the victims who were political prisoners and were illegally killed and buried in mass grave.


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