Sunday, August 23, 2009

Note from Jila Baniyaghub after release from prison!

It's two days that i have come out of Evin prison.I have slept the last 60 nights in ward number 209 of Evin (prison) and how comfortable it is to sleep there than here. Because you are with your own imprisoned friends. Beside Shiva Nazarahari and Saideh Kordinejad.Because you knew a little bit distance from you, there were Mahsa , Zahra and Nahid too.And you also knew that in a distance, dear Bahman and your other good friends are: Ahmad Zaidabadi, Abdolfatah Soltani , Abdolah Momeni, Keyvan Samimi, Said Leilaz, Mohammad Reza Jalaipour, Masoud Bastani, Mohammad Ghochani and many others.
Now, its two nights that i can't sleep. Because in every moments of my heart i'm with Shiva, Bahman and other dear imprisoned friends. Every moment i say to myself ; how can you sleep under air condition and your friend are under unbearable heat of the cell?If it wasn't for the tens of friends who came to visit me at my home in the last two days,how intolerable and harder could become this freedom.

My friends had brought me hundreds of flower branch's and tens boxes of sweets and chocolate.But i havn't ate even one chocolate or sweet.When i remember Saideh had eager to eat sweets and the buying agents wasn't buying for her , i can't eat a dear friend brought me watermelon , he had said that i have spent the summer without eating watermelon,but , i'm not going to eat this watermelon,because i know that shiva had eager many times to eat watermelon but the buying agent didn't buy watermelon for her.
Dear friendly and strong shiva, dear Bahman, saideh the passionate and naughty and other imprisoned loved one , till you won't be able to breath the free atmospher, i won't eat any sweet or chocolate and be certain that i won't sleep calm any nights. I'll waite for you till on your freedom night we will all together eat sweets.
Jila Baniyaghub was released on Wedensday August 19 from prison.
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