Wednesday, May 04, 2011

More dispute and tension among Islamic Republic regime officials!

The talk of the week in Iran : Ahmadinejad's Government has relation with "Jinn"(witch's) !

Continuation of differences among Khamenei and Ahmadinejad to a new stage.
After a dispute between Ahmadinejad and Moslehi the Minister of Information and his subsequent resignation and the acceptance of his resignation by Ahmadinejad and then Khamenei's intervention and reinstating Moslehi to his position, and because of this , Ahmadinejad did not attend in his cabinet meetings for more than a week.
Now Ahmadinejad is attending the cabinet but Moslehi is not attending......

the current talk among Iranian is that; the government of Ahmadinejad has relation with " Jinn " (witch's) . The Government of "Jinn and fairies" . This Government acts as a band (Mafia). Mr.Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei was the deputy president and head of presidential office and he is also the father inlaw of Ahmadinejad's son.According to report, Rahim Mashaei is the master mind of theories or philosophy behind president and not Mr. Samareh Hashemi who everyone thought so. In recent months Rahim Mashaei brought a discourse on "Jomhouri Irani " (Iranian style of Republic) and "Islame Irani " (Iranian style of Islam ) during his speech.He also defended Syrus the great and displayed the ancient historic "Human rights cylinder " ( Syrus the great human rights charter on a clay cylinder)in Iran for public to see.This discourse brought uproar among radical clergies and ayatollah's. So, the radical clergies and ayatollahs reacted against this discourse and therefore attacked Ahmadinejad and Rahim Mashaei.Some of the clerics even went further asked God to kill him (Rahim Mashaei). Based on the talks among radical clerics and Ayatollahs and publication of those talks , Rahim Mashaei and his circle have relation with "Jinn" or witch's/witchcraft and magics. The Clerics and Ayatollahs also feel being threatened by Rahim Mashaei and company on the discourse of "Iranian style of Republic ", a discourse against Islam and the clerics. Recently a video clip in mass number was released into the public known as " Zohoor Nazdik Ast" ( The advent or appearance of the 12th Imam is close), which also created uproar among Ayatollahs, those who believe Rahim Mashaei is into something and creating a situation preparing for his presidency in the next presidential election or strengthening his position as well as Ahmadinejad's and their bandits (Mafia) against the Khamenei's. Because of all these ,just in last week 25 members of Mashaei -Ahmadinejad witch hunting circle including Cleric Amirifar, the Imam of the presidential palace were arrested.

As if the historic land of Persia and the cultured people of Iran had something lacking or missing and that was having relation with "Jinn" ( the Witch's). On this note i would like to congratulate the Islamic Republic for creating a Government in the 21st century having relation with "Jinn" or" Jinn and fairies" (the witch's) and superstitions.
What a world they are in!?


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