Sunday, May 01, 2011

Siamak Pourzand imprisoned senior Iranian journalist in protest to the condition imposed on him by Islamic Republic judiciary jumed to his death !

Siamak Pourzand the imprisoned Senior Iranian journalist in protest to the condition imposed on him jumped to his death from a six floor balcony where he was under house arrest!

Siamak Pourzand was the husband of Mehrangiz Kar the Iranian lawyer and women rights advocate.A pioneer in defending the human rights in Iran.Mehr Angiz Kar left Iran several years ago for cancer treatment and escape from continuous pressure,threat, intimidation and persecution. She lives in America. Her two daughters are also living outside Iran.

This is the destiny and story of almost all Iranians who are independent journalists,writers,film makers , student activists, women rights advocates, human rights defenders , impartial lawyers , leader of the workers and religious minorities like Bahai's or ethnic minorities like Kurdish under the Islamic regime.

Siamak Pourzand was either in prison or in hospital due to his health condition since 2001.He was in prison under security organizations of the Islamic Republic and he was banned from leaving the country.

Siamak Pourzand started his career in 1952 as journalist with " Bakhtar Emrooz " the newspaper managed by Doctor Fatemi the Foreign Minister of Doctor Mohammad Mossadeq the prime Minister of national Government.He was arrested first by Islamic Republic regime security agents at the end of Automn in 2001. While in prison Siamak Pourzand was held in solitary confinementfor months and was under physical and mental torture. While in prison for a year ,Mr. Pourzand was banned from having his wife as his lawyer and then in a sham/kangaroo court trial he was sentenced to 11 years prison. Later his health deteriorated and he was transfered from prison to his home ,where he was under security watchdogs.

while grieving Lili pourzand told BBC Farsi TV that ; the family members during last 10 years have written many letters to regime officials ,even to Khamenei to let Mr. pourzand leave the country to join his family or assure the safety of the family to visit Mr. pourzand in Iran , but none were answered or fulfilled.

Lili pourzand the daughter of Siamak porzand said: "On Friday night i spoke with my father , and told him to go to the hospital for treatment and he promised me to do that , and for follow up ,i called at home several time on that night, at the end a person told me that he has died ."

Siamak Pourzand a senior journalist ,80 years old, ended his life by jumping from the six floor balcony and became free at last.

The tragic life of Mr. Siamak Pourzand and hundereds or may be thousands other Iranian are the real situation that need to be addressed and why UN must intervene fast.


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