Thursday, March 06, 2014

Family Members of Sheida Hatami the Iranian -Kurdish Student: Our Daughter is Murdered..... Continuation of Suspicious Murders in Iran.....

Sheida Hatami a Kurdish-Iranian student of  Orumieh University was murdered on last Saturday while in her campus apartment and police chief of Western Azarbayejan speaking with ISNA said; she committed suicide and the university officials in their website  warned for prosecution of those who propagate about murder . Sheida was a very smart student and did not belong to any political or socio- cultural organizations. Sheida was wounded severely from head and arms and that shows she struggled with assailant during the course of her killing , her parents made a complaint and believes sheida was murdered. When her lifeless body was found ,there were blood on her body .... The University officials did not record any film of picture from the scene of murder. Student of Orumieh university staged a protest rally in support of Sheida's family claim and demanded full investigation on the murder.

This isn't the first time these type of murder take place ,in the past many students were murdered in similar or different way of murder ,one such murder was the murder of Sahar Chovini in October last year ,Sahar was medical student of Boali University in the city of Hamadan. Sahar was 19 years old and she was murdered in her apartment in the campus. She was also Iranian -Kurdish......


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