Thursday, March 06, 2014

The Social Movement in Iran and the Fundamentalist ................

There is no doubt that the social movement in Iran is in the positive side of growth despite of the fundamentalists negative effect in disrupting this growth. The forces in the green movement and reformists together with all other progressive parties ,organizations and NGO's need to stay in this discourse and continue a peaceful growth in socio-cultural values with a democratic agendas, nothing happens over night and everything goes through a process. During the years after the revolution one thing has become very clear for Iranian people and that is to put their strengths in the election , either presidential , parliamentary or city councils , to push back the fundamentalists from the main stream politics. To encourage democratic dialogues in the society and reduce monologue rhetorics . No doubt that the fundamentalist forces in Iran are against this process and they try their most influence to create an atmosphere of fear, violence ,undemocratic values like Taliban,Mujahedin and Al Qaeda style civil war in our country Iran. If they suceed it would be disastrous for Iranian and Iran . Iranian must beware of not to fall into the trap of libyan ,Seriyan or Iraqi style situation.

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