Friday, March 07, 2014

Greeting To All Women Around the World On March 8 the International Women's Day.......March 8 Every Year is not just a Celebration but a Continous Fight for Women's Rights ...

Half of the Iranian population are women. Women play significant role in the struggle for democratic values in Iran. World have seen Iranian women's role in 2009 presidential election and their support for electing Musavi against the Ahmadinejad (the Khamenei's candidate ) and their campaign for " Give back my Vote " in the  Green Movement for almost a year after presidential coup. World have also seen Neda the Iranian girl shot to death in the street protest of Tehran . World have learned about Nasrin Sotudeh the Iranian lawyer and a human rights defender who spent many years in prison just for defending women's rights . Human Rights organization are aware of " Laleh Park Mothers " Campaign and the Women in the campaign for " One Million Signature " and so many other campaigns including the " Khavaran " campaign............
Woman= Man

Dictators grounds are shaken in this last decades , they can no longer deceive people ,  they are losing grounds day by day , world women will reach to more of their rights including the women in the Middle East.......
Greeting to you mom.....

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