Sunday, March 09, 2014

President Rohani, Stop Violation Against Dervishes in Iran.......

In long run Regime Won't be able to suppress people's protest for their demands. Its impossible , No regime in Iran can destroy Iranian people struggle for their human rights and the struggle for a free and democratic Iran ,where all Iranian from all background , Ideologies , belief , faiths , ethnic or political parties can freely participate for their own future and in the future of their country.

Iranian won't allow foreign countries for intervention in Iran via a yet another Libyan style war and preparation for infiltration of Al Qaeda forces into Iran and creation of civil war and secession of ethnic provinces like Bluchestan ,Kurdistan , Khuzistan ..... 

In recent months influential fundamentalists, and forces close to their circle ,in various rank & position in the regime are trying to show of their force and creation of an atmosphere of fear and in fact are trying to de stabilize the Government of Rohani and the whole country , from ethnic provinces to the arrest and pressure on independent Iranian and media. President Rohani must stand against these forces and fulfill his promises given during election campaign.

One of the systematic violation is on Iranian Dervishes. Many of their leaders are already in prison ,  recently some of them in Evin prison went on hunger strike in protest against the way prison officials treated the ill dervishes , or transferring some to Rejaei shahr prison from Evin prison , because of their hunger strike as many as 500 Dervishes stage rally on Saturday in front of Tehran public prosecutors office which extended until today Sunday. This rally ended with clashes between Dervishes and the security forces. As a result of this clashes many Dervishes are wounded and arrested . The website of Dervishes "Majzooban Noor " released many names of those arrested ( more than 25 Dervishes detained in Evin prison )or wounded.

More than 2000 Dervishes demanded the medically ill imprisoned Dervishes to be transferred to the hospital and the three transferred Dervishes from Evin to Rejaei Shahr prison must be returned to Evin prison.

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