Sunday, February 11, 2024

Niloofar Hamedi and Elaheh Mohammadi the two Iranian International Award Winning journalists are released on bail today from prison . Although this is a good news ,however the Islamic republic must explain why have arrested these two journalists in first place and detained them for more than one year without any wrong doing? These two journalists did what they had to do to report the truth to the people . They were honest in their reporting no matter what consequences would come after the reporting against them. Both Niloofar and Elaheh reported about the Mahsa Amini's going to coma in police custody and then transferring her to Kasra Hospital and funeral ceremony in the city of Sanandaj. Both journalists are sentenced to six and seven years imprisonment. Elaheh Mohammadi in her 2nd court session said:" I am proud that i stayed with the people to be their voice".
IRAN WATCH CANADA: IWC is happy these two brave journalists are released on Bail. However hoping the Islamic regime judiciary reconsider their decision on the sentences against them.

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Monday, October 23, 2023

The Islamic Republic newspaper: Armita Gravand's brain death is certain

Telegram channel "Jehumiri-e-Islami Newspaper" claimed that "according to the journalist's follow-up", the brain death of Armita Gravand is "certain".
Earlier report : End of September -early october : Iran Wire: According to information received by Iran Wire, a high school girl who fainted on line four of the Tehran Metro on October , was taken to the hospital with symptoms of "head trauma".
IRAN WATCH CANADA: Another Mahsa Amini , this time on her killing anniversay . All because of Hijab.

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Sunday, October 22, 2023

According to the news agency of the Islamic Republic, the 15th branch of Tehran Revolutionary Court issued a decision on the case of Nilufar Hamedi and Elaha Mohammadi. Based on the court's preliminary rulings, these two journalists were sentenced to a total of 25 years in prison: Nilufar Hamedi 13 years in prison (7 years applicable) and Elaha Mohammadi 12 years in prison (6 years applicable). Based on the verdict issued, Mrs. Elaha Mohammadi is sentenced to 6 years in prison on the charge of "collaboration with the hostile government of the United States", 5 years in prison for conspiracy to commit a crime against the country's security, and 1 year in prison on the charge of "propaganda activity against the regime". Ms. Nilufar Hamedi is sentenced to 7 years in prison on the charge of "collaboration with the hostile government of America", 5 years in prison for collusion to commit a crime against the security of the country, and 1 year in prison on the charge of "propaganda activity against the regime". Also, as "additional measures", both journalists were banned for 2 years from membership in parties, groups, political groups and activity in cyberspace, media and press. If the judgment is confirmed by the appeals court, the defendants will face the harshest punishment (6 years of imprisonment for Mrs. Elaha Mohammadi and 7 years of imprisonment for Nilufar Hamedi). Nilufar Hamedi, a reporter of "Sharq" newspaper, published the news of the murder of Zina (Mehsa) Amini, who was in the custody of Morality patrol, in September last year. This journalist broadcasted the moments when Gina Amini was in a coma in Kasra hospital in Tehran and published the photo of Gina Amini's family in the hospital. On the evening of Wednesday 30th of Shahrivar, the security officers arrived at Nilufar Hamedi's house and seized her belongings and arrested her. Elaha Mohammadi, a journalist of Hammihan Newspaper , was arrested by the security forces on her way to the prosecutor's office on the second of October 1401 after publishing her report on Mehsa Amini's funeral and has been in prison until today. In their defense, these two journalists denied any accusation of cooperation with the American government.

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Friday, October 06, 2023

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Thursday, October 05, 2023

Narges Mohammadi : No Human anywhere in the world should be silent About Armita Gravand

News from :akhbar-rooz Narges Mohammadi the leading human right defender in Iran who is currently in prison asked people of the world not to be silent about Armita Gravand a 16 year old young Iranian girl who was beaten by Hijab agents in a subway in Tehran on Oct. 4,2023 and went to coma. She is currently lay in Fajr Hospital in Tehran . Armita Gravand is the second Mahsa Jina Amini .
A kurdish human rights reported that Armita Gravand's mom Ms. Shahin Ahmadi is arrested at Fajr Hospital . To silence Armita's mom, the security agents have arrested and transferred her to an unknown location .

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Friday, September 22, 2023

The Text Letter Of Sepideh Gholian in Le Monde Newspaper, The People Are The Nightmare Of This Regime !

This letter was published in Le Monde on September 11. This letter was released before the goverment killing of Mahsa on Sept. 16, 2022 . Political prisoners including Zeinab Jalalian , Narges Mohammadi , Golrokh Iraei , Nilofar Bayani and Sepideh Gholian signed this letter. A meeting will be taken place in France today September 22 with a theme of " The powerful voice of Iran's Political prisoners will go beyond the walls of oppression."

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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Narges Mohammadi Was Beaten Up Inside The Prison For Not Wearing The Hijab Code ......

News from Akhbar-Rooz, Narges Mohammadi the vice president of Iran Human Rights Defenders is beatten up for not wearing the Hijab inside the prison. Narges Mohammadi is the long serving political prisoner in Iran .
According to report , while accompaniying another patient prisoner going to the prison clinic, and for not wearing the Hijab ,the prison guard called her crazy and she was beaten up . This 51 year old human rights defender have been sentenced to 10 year plus nine months imprisonment including 154 lashes. She has been in prison since Nov. 2021 and currently is in Evin prison.

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Bahareh Hedayat A Political Activist On Her 13th Days Of Hunger Strike .......

Ms. Bahareh Hedayat a 42 year old political activist started her political carrier since year 2000 and spent many years in prison including seven years jail during 2008 protest. She is one of those political prisoner who openly calls for the toppling of Islamic regime in Iran . She started Her hunger strike on August 31,because of the suspicious death of Mr. Javad Rouhi a protester who was arrested during the protest and was sentenced to death . She also demanded for the release of two imprisoned journalists namely : Nilofar Hamedi and Elaheh Mohammadi and in support of " A year of Iranian women resistance ".
She was on her 13th days of hunger strike whe she became ill and was transferred to a hospital outside of prison.
When this happened , many political and human rights activist including 70 students activists asked her to end the hunger strike . The husband and mother of Nilofar Hamedi the imprisoned international award winning journalists also have asked her to end the hunger strike. Due to her illness ,she finally after 13 days ended the hunger strike .
Hedayat is currently serving 4 years imprisonment because of her protest against regime in downing the Ukranian flight PS752 and killing all the passengers and crews on board.

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