Sunday, September 12, 2021

Afghan Women, Front Line Fighter Against Taliban .......

 Iran Writers Association : Afghan Women In The Fight Against Destruction And Collusion !


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The Deal US And Its Western Allies Made With Taliban ..........Ignoring The Rights Of Women In Afghanistan .....

 This photo shows Taliban women are gathered in Kabul University to support this type of Hijab for all Afghan women. Wether Afghan women want this hijab or not , it will be forced on them..


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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Continuation On COVID 19 Situation In Iran .......

 News from Iran ..... 

Pictures on this page are from the front pages of the official Islamic Republic newspapers.....

The " Black Mushroom " is added on top of COVID 19 and the " Lambada " virus .....

Iranian people have less access to Ampoule / Vial for prevention of virus and the people must buy these anti virus ampoule in black market for 13 times more than buying and selling. 

The Government  left the people alone to take care of themselves and this situation creating crisis . 

The black market has grown and some officials creating this situation for profit and people are unable to pay large amount of money and die as a result of not being able to buy medication . 

The latest COVID 19 victims in Iran are 709 people , this is official report , however some officials says the number of victims are many times more. 

Iran is on 3rd ranking in the world on daily Corona victims. 

IRAN WATCH CANADA: Iran is on crisis in COVID19 situation. Please help Iranian people . WHO must send representative in Iran immediately.  



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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Workers Of " Haft Tapeh " Sugar Cane Company On Their 36th Days Of Protest .....

 News from Akhbar- Rooz ......سی-و-ششمین-روز؛-اعتصاب-کارگران-هفت%E2%80%8Cتپ/

Workers of " Haft Tapeh " Sugar cane are on their 36th day of protest . The workers have continued their  daily  protest and its now on their 36th days . They protested through Shoosh City streets to the Governor's office and gathered their to continue their protest. The reason for their protest is because of the layoff,  the delay the payment of their salaries , the vaccination of the workers and negotiation on company's status  . They demanded the Governor to respond on their demands which was ignored by the Governor and other officials in the city of Shoosh. 



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Saturday, August 07, 2021

EU , Shame On You .......

 According to news , European Union sent its diplomate Enrique Mora to the presidential inauguration of Ebrahim Raeisi who is accused of crime against humanity by killing thousands of Iranian political prisoners during 1987-88 which is well documented . 

Why EU representing the people of Europe made such a move to attend in the inauguration of a mass murderer ? 

In this picture Enrique Mora EU's diplomate seats at the second row behind the leaders such as Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas, Naim Qassem of Lebanese Hizbullah and Ziyad Al- Nakhalah  of Palestine Islamic Jihad . 

Instead of joing the Iranian people and human rights organization around the world to help bring Ebrahim Raeisi to International Criminal  Court , European Union made such a bad move here and should make an official apology to Iranian people and human rights organizations around the world. 


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Thursday, August 05, 2021

Iran Tokyo Olympic Gold Medalist in Wrestling : Do Not Execute Navid Afkari ...

 Navid Afkari was an Iranian wrestler winning many medals , he was sentenced to death and executed after the uprising in Nov. 2018  , the uprising was caused by regime increasing the Gas price .  Mr. Mohammad Geraei the current Tokyo Olympic gold medalist was a friend with Navid when he was arrested in a peaceful demonstration and before regime to execute him , he sent a tweet and wrote " God, you help him " and demanded  "Don't execute " , but regime did anyway . Navid's two brothers are also arrested and are currently in prison . 

Mohammad Gerai ( right in this picture) with Navid Afkari both from the city of Shiraz

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Wednesday, August 04, 2021

COVID 19 is Raging In Iran ......Please Help Iranian People .......

 News from Iran ...

More than 800 death  a day in Iran according to the official Newspapers report. The real statistic is different from the official one. 

Mr. Iraj Harirchi on speaking with channel two Television on Sunday said: He said in recent four weeks those attended with positive COVID were increased from 60,000 to 180,000 positive cases  which resulted to the death of more than 2021 death per week. 

Mr. Harirchi said : Those with positive COVID compare to last week were 26.5 % , thos hospitalized patients were 22% and those died were 38.2%. 

He said more than 90% of the cities are either Red or Orange ... He added , we are part of 10- 12 countries that have the most COVID's.  He said , 10 % of those hospitalized are going to die. 


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Iran Human Rights Organization : Participating In Ebrahim Raeisi's Inauguration Means You Are Closing Your Eyes On Crimes Against Humanity...

News from Iran....

Cartoon from Iran Wire website....The presidential inauguration ceremony ....By Mana Neyestani ....

Mana Neyestani is an Iranian cartoonist, illustrator, and comic book creator. His work appears internationally in economic, intellectual, political and cultural magazines. Wikipedi 

 The inauguration of Ebrahim Raeisi the elected president is going to take place on August 06,21 . Some countries are sending diplomate to this ceremony. 

Iran Human Rights organization is reminding these countries to know that Ebrahim Raeisi is accused of crime against humanity in 1987-88 and thereafter  and by participating you are closing your eyes to these crimes and It is the moral obligation of political personalities / diplomates not to participate in this ceremony and instead to cooperate with the international criminal court and to act against this person and the crime he is committed . 

Mr. Mahmoud Amiri Moghadam the president of the Iran Human Rights Organization by participating in inauguration you are legitimizing to the presidency of a person who is accused of crime against humanity. He said , instead of participating in his inaugural ceremony you must participate to help bring him to the international criminal court. 

Ebrahim Raeisi is accused of killing thousands of political prisoners in a mass killing and burying them at night in a location now known as " Khavaran " at Tehran suburb . 

One of his assistance Mohammad Nouri is arrested in Sweden and his trial is going to take place soon in Sweden. 




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Tuesday, August 03, 2021

EU Sends Its Diplomat Enrique Mora To The Presidential Inauguration Of Ebrahim Raeisi The Current Elected President of Iran Who Is Known As Mass Murderer in Iran .....

 According to news European Union is sending its diplomat Enrique Mora to Ebrahim Raeisi inauguration . Embrahim Raeisi was elected ( in fact selected by Khamenei ) as president  . Ebrahim Raeisi is a member of the mass murdering committee who have killed thousands of political prisoners in Iran during 1987-88  ( its all documented ) . Ebrahim Raeisi will start its presidency this coming Thursday. 

This is a shameful decision by EU and must be reversed. 

EU cant close its eye on the cry of the people of Iran for justice and their call that Ebrahim Raeisi is a mass murderer who have become president. 

IRAN WATCH CANADA : Shame on EU . This decision must be reversed as soon as possible . 


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