Thursday, February 18, 2021

Alireza Nouri An Iranian Writer And Member Of The Iran Association Of Writer Is Arrested And Detained .....

News from Iran ...Akhbare Rooz .....

Alireza Nouri writer and member of the Iran Association Of Writers is arrested and detained. Mr. Nouri was arrested at his home in the city of Hamedan and was transferred to Hamedan central prison for the execution of two years imprisonment sentence. 

Mr. Nouri was charged three years ago with writing poems that were " insulting to the religious sacred / blasphemy or sacrilege. " 

Mr. Nouri have published seven books and he is the 5th member of the Iran Association of Writers who is arrested and detained this year. 


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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Help Save The Life Of Behnam Mahjoubi An Iranian Imprisoned Dervish.......


Behnam Mahjoubi is a dervish ( a Sufi religious order ) . He was one of those arrested and detained by security forces when the Dervishes gathered in Tehran three years ago . He was later sentenced to two years imprisonment. While in prison he became sick and a few days ago he was transferred to Amin Abad mental hospital . While news was circulating that Behnam has died but his lawyer wrote on his tweeters account that : " The vital signs ( although weak ) but still present in Behnam and the medical team are trying to keep Behnam alive.  " 


Behnam's mother who travelled from Kerman city to Tehran in a video clip said ;  The soldiers wont allow her to visit her son . She was worried about her son's condition and was present at Loghman Hospital with few human rights advocates including Ms. Narges Mohammadi, she said; She was allowed for few second to go to Behnam's room in the hospital and was able to touch her son's leg and then the security forces asked her to leave the room . 

It is not clear if Behnam is still alive or not . 

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Friday, February 12, 2021

Centre For The Statistics Of Iran : Marriage Of More Than 9,000 Girl Between The Age Of 10 - 14 َYears Old ......

 News from Iran....

According to Centre for the statistic Iran more than 9000 Iranian girl between the age of 10-14 were officially married this summer. 

This is the recent report from the Centre For The Statistics Of Iran about the social and cultural situation in Iran. The report says this is because of the inequality in incomes and the increase in daily commodities and the burden on low income families. 

IRAN WATCH CANADA: Low income families are trying hard to pull themselves from the death line to the poverty line. Its a catastrophic situation . Economic crisis ،inflation and devaluation of Iranian currency adds the unbearable living standard for the poor Iranian people. This is happening while the top ruling Islamic clergies and their family and relatives live lavishly and the leader Khamenei's family hold most of Iran's national incomes from various fields and assets .  


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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Suspicious Death of Ms. Sheideh Lalemi One Of The Well Known Critical Reporter In Iran ......

 News from Akhbare- Rooz , 

The Suspicious Death of Ms. Sheideh Lalemi One Of The Well Known Critical Reporter In Iran.. 

Hamshahri newspaper wrote: Sheideh " was watching everywhere , Was watching the health care providers , she was watching unemployed and the pulse of the poor people lives was in her hand and she felt passionate for everyone. One of the popular report she wrote was about " Goor Khabi " ( grave sleeping ) and " Buying bread and paying later "  . After the increase on oil prices which ended up to " Aban " revolt in a report she wrote: " Iran was shaken but its media no " . She criticized the poor coverage of November uprising by media and sent it to the Iran Association of journalists . 

Kalameh website wrote: Sudden death of Ms. Sheideh Lalemi was the bitter news of nowadays.

It was in the news that she died in a gas explosion. 

IRAN WATCH CANADA: This is a suspicious death . The sudden death of a critical journalist who was the eye and ear of the people of Iran . She was loyal to Iranian people and not to this barbaric regime and she was writing the truth . Therefore , It seems to me Ms. Sheideh Lalemi's death due to the nature of her work and the danger she was facing not hard to understand that it may be the work of the agents of this medieval Islamic regime in Iran to silence her .   


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Monday, February 08, 2021

Iranian Journalist Saba Azarpaik Is Arrested .......

 News from Iran ...HARANA,,,,,

After attending at FATA Police station on last Sunday , Saba Azarpaik a journalist was arrested and  transferred to the public prosecutor's office . She is charged with online crimes. 

A day earlier Ms. Saba was summoned via phone to the FATA police station. It was said that ,she was forcefully and violently arrested . At the public prosecutor office Ms. Saba was violently and illegally in front of her lawyer and her husband was arrested and detained. Regime arrested Ms. Saba Azarpaik just because she has written extensive critical article about Ministry of health and the way the government handles the Corona virus situation and the issue of vaccination . 

IRAN WATCH CANADA: Islamic regime in Iran wants to silence all journalist who are critical to their policies by threatening them to arrest and detentions and threat against their family members . As a result many Iranian journalists and human rights defenders have left Iran because of persecutions or are detained . The world must come to their senses and unitedly help Iranian people instead of this medieval Islamic regime in Iran .  

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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Regime Executed This Young Man ......

 Iran Watch Canada earlier reported about a group of young men sentenced to death and are on hunger strike by sewing their lips in Sheiban prison in the city of Ahwaz. Early morning of last Thursday Ali Matiri one of those young men was executed by Islamic regime in Iran....

Ali Matiri was a professional coach for boxing and he himself was semi-professional boxer. Two years ago he was arrested at his parents home and was taken to an unknown location . 

According to news , after spending two years in prison and solitary confinement under forced confession he admitted that he killed two Basiji 's ( Regime 's militia ) . 

IRAN WATCH CANADA : When will the world realize by killing people , especially young men , they can go nowhere , unless they create a better environment with better education and by tackling the poverty the world will enter into a direction and transform the society. 

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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Arash Ganji ,Translator And Secretary Of Iran Writers Association Is Sentenced To 11 Years Imprisonment......

 News from Iran....

According to news , Branch number 28 of Tehran court of revolution sentenced Arash Ganji to 11 years imprisonment. This sentencing was handed down to his lawyer Mr. Naser Zarafshan in early last month. If his sentencing gets final approval , he must spent five years imprisonment according to Article 138 of the Islamic penal code . 

Mr. Ganji was accused on charges  " Gathering and colluding with the intention of acting against national security" , for this charges he got five years imprisonment and for the charge on "Propaganda against the system " he received one year imprisonment and on the charges of " Belonging to an anti state group " he received another five years which will add up to eleven years imprisonment. 

The presiding judge was Mohammad Reza Amozad. 

 IRAN WATCH CANADA: Can anyone tell me why Iran Writers Association should be banned for more than 50 years? 

And why we Iranian or middle Eastern people cant have civil society / NGO organizations? And why is it EU or Western states do not want to help bring civil society / NGO workshops into Middle Easters states? 

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